Camera Support

Mini Dolly


Item Features Daily Rate
Arriflex Light Weight Gear Head 175.00
O'Conner 2575 95.00
2060 HD 90.00
O'Conner 100C 40.00
7 65.00
Sachtler 9+9 Studio 90.00
Sachtler Dutch 75.00
Tango Swing 100.00
Weaver Steadman   125.00
Roll Module f/Weaver Steadman 75.00
Cartoni Gamma 100 40.00
1030 B 40.00
Sachtler 7+7 Panorama 40.00
Sachtler Video 18 + CF Tripod + Spreader 85.00
Sachtler Video 20 + CF Tripod + Spreader 100.00
Cartoni Focus + Tripod + Spreader 55.00
Miller DS-20 + Tripod + Spreader 50.00
Avenger 501 + Tripod 25.00
Avenger 503 + Tripod 35.00

Tripods & Accessories

Item Features Daily Rate
Ronford HD, Aluminum, Long or Medium, Mitchell Top 30.00
Sachtler Aluminum, Long or Medium, 150mm, Top 30.00
Mitchell Standard, Sawed-Off, Baby (Wood) 10.00
O'Connor Claw Ball, Standard or Baby (Wood) 15.00
Two Stage Carbon Fiber Tripoid, 100mm 25.00
Sachtler Aluminum, Long or Medium 100mm 25.00
Mitchell Hi-Hat or Lo-Hat 10.00
O'Connor Hi-Hat, Claw Ball 10.00
Sachtler Hi-Hat, 150mm or 100mm 10.00
Spreader All 10.00
Rolling Spreader   15.00
Sachtler to Mitchell Adapter 150mm 10.00
O'Connor to Mitchell Adapter   10.00
100mm to Mitchell Adapter   10.00
45º Wedge   10.00
Tilt Plate   10.00
Geared Wedge   25.00
24" Heavy Lens Base Plate   15.00

Misc. Support

Item Features Daily Rate
Slide & Glide 4'
w/360º swivel 175.00
P+S Technik
Mini Skater Dolly 125.00
Straight Shoot'r
Crane 250.00
with arm and vest 150.00
for cameras up to five pounds 50.00

Helicopter Mounts

Item Features Daily Rate
Tyler Middle Mount II
For use with 35mm, 16mm, and most video cameras (in Bell 206 Jet Ranger, A-Star or larger helicopter).

Includes intercom system, wind deflector and mounting equipment.
Specify type of helicopter.
(w/o camera or batteries)
Tyler bridge plate w/ motors for zoom and focus 50.00
Tyler Gyros
Three Axis 400.00
Double Block Battery 50.00
Tyler Nose Mount II
For Arriflex 35-3, 435, 16 SR-2, SR-3, Aaton and Panavision cameras equipped with video assist and all hand held broadcast video cameras including DVCAM and HDTV.

Mounts under nose of helicopter for straight ahead shooting with remote control of tilt through 200º. For cameras up to 39 pounds.

STC Certified for Bell Jet Ranger/Long Ranger, Eurocopter Astar/Twin Star.
Includes iris control and speed aperature computer.
(w/o camera or batteries)
Double Block Battery 50.00
Astar/Twin Star Adapter (must be shipped in) 300.00
Tyler Mini Gyro
For cameras up to 40 LBS. Can be used in R44, Bell Eurocopter, cars, motorcycles, ATV's, Boats and fixed-wing aircraft. For film, camcorders and still cameras.
(w/o camera or batteries)
Double Block Battery 50.00


Item Features Daily Rate
w/Vector balancing 150.00
Traveller 125.00

All prices listed are daily rates based on equipment rented as a package. Items rented without a camera package are subject to additional charges. Prices are subject to change without notice. For information on rental policy, terms and conditions, please contact TEXCAM, INC.